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Decentralization i deconcentration of public administration in Poland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 19:46
Autor: Micha³ Grotkowski

Tytu³: Decentralization and i deconcentration of public administration in Poland


The article presents problem of deconcentration and decentralization of authority in Poland which are respectively the process of diversion  and transferring competences and functions of the state, to which public administration has been subjected to over the past twenty four years. Modeling public administration associated with the influence of political doctrines. Characterized the relationship between public administrations at the provincial level, among government agencies and local government and on the level government - local government.

Key words: administrative reform, decentralization, deconcentration, government, local government.

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Decision Support Systems in political decision-making PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Rogala-Lewicki   
Monday, 11 June 2012 10:49

Author: Adam Rogala-Lewicki

Title: Decision Support Systems in political decision-making


Michael S. Scott Morton is recognized as a precursor and founder of Decision Support Systems. In 1971 Morton published his thesis: ?Management Decision Systems: Computer-Based Support for Decision Making?, including mathematical, analytical models with functionality of supporting decision making processes. Systems operated on the mechanism of proper data selection,  information processing and knowledge gathering. Everything was about risk minimizing in decision making. DSS was implemented in different industrial branches. After introducing improvements than used by managers is business sector. Systems are profiled and dedicated for proper structure where they serve. Most advanced DSS, called IDSS are based on intelligent applications based on artificial intelligence. Systems are able to operate on wider scale. Unfortunately DSS are not commonly implemented in public sphere. The perspective of decision making effectiveness improvement should be sufficient reason to involve DSS in state sector.


Key words: Information, system, management, risk, artificial intelligence, dedicated services, effectiveness, decision making, public sector.

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Cooperation between Norway and European Economic Area in regional policy matters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maciej Indan-Pykno   
Wednesday, 21 March 2012 11:32

Author: Maciej Indan-Pykno

Title: Cooperation between Norway and European Economic Area in regional policy matters


Article concerned describes political and administrative regime of Norway in scope of relationships between Norway and European Union. Particular attention is laid on condition of connections between this two international entities. Author is describing historical approach, development and changes in this field. Author also puts much emphasize on special role of regional policy in bilateral relationship between Norway and European Union.


Key words: Norwegian regional policy, Norwegian European Movement., White Papers, SIVA, European Funds, Luxemburg process

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Contemporary Norwegian regional policy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maciek   
Monday, 16 January 2012 08:49

Author: Maciej Indan - Pykno

Title: Contemporary Norwegian regional policy


The article concerned is to characterize current Norwegian regional policy. The basis for the analysis of this policy was the latest reform of above-mentioned policy founded on two legal act: White Papers from 2005 and 2006. Author paid much attention on describing new priorities of regional policy and functional structure. Reader will also find information about Norwegian innovation policy, which is very on-time and becoming pivotal in global economy. It should be mentioned that Norwegian standards are described in scope of complexity of European regional policy and European integration aspect.


Key words: Norwegian regional Policy, innovation Policy, White papers, regional initiatives, European integration, northern periphery policy.

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Monday, 03 October 2011 14:43
Author: Paulina Lis

Title: Norweska Polityka Architektoniczna - polityka promocji innowacyjnego i zrównowaæonego projektowania w oparciu o tradycyjne norweskie budownictwo drewniane


This article describes characteristics of Norwegian architectural policy "Architecture.now. Norwegian Architectural Policy" from 2009, with a focus on selected aspects of this policy ? promoting innovative and sustainable design in contemporary Norwegian wooden architecture. In conclusion refrence to the project of Polish Architectural Policy (PPA) from 2008, compraision of the government?s performance in both countries.


Key words: architecture, architectural policy, promotion of innovation, sustainable development, research & development, contemporary Norwegian wooden architecture, ?Norwegian Wood?.

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