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Decision Support Systems in political decision-making PDF Print E-mail
Written by Adam Rogala-Lewicki   
Monday, 11 June 2012 10:49

Author: Adam Rogala-Lewicki

Title: Decision Support Systems in political decision-making

Michael S. Scott Morton is recognized as a precursor and founder of Decision Support Systems. In 1971 Morton published his thesis: ?Management Decision Systems: Computer-Based Support for Decision Making?, including mathematical, analytical models with functionality of supporting decision making processes. Systems operated on the mechanism of proper data selection, information processing and knowledge gathering. Everything was about risk minimizing in decision making. DSS was implemented in different industrial branches. After introducing improvements than used by managers is business sector. Systems are profiled and dedicated for proper structure where they serve. Most advanced DSS, called IDSS are based on intelligent applications based on artificial intelligence. Systems are able to operate on wider scale. Unfortunately DSS are not commonly implemented in public sphere. The perspective of decision making effectiveness improvement should be sufficient reason to involve DSS in state sector.

Key words: Information, system, management, risk, artificial intelligence, dedicated services, effectiveness, decision making, public sector.

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