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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 15:35

The Forum?s mission is to work for the creation of the professional ideas and concepts that would be useful in scope of the development and modernisation of state. We aspire to the role of institution which includes prominent experts and distinguished specialists in their domains. We would like to be association that brings added value to social and political life. Our intention is to participate in the wide group of non governmental organisations which takes part and present their opinions to the public in a durable and visible manner. We would like to play the role of entity that have in disposal important shares in shaping the development projects, forecasting consequences of certain political steps and decisions, forseeing political scenarios in international and internal scene. We want to become an intelectual resource, the guarantee of effectiveness of political intentions. We prepare materials, analysis, studies, strategies, documents and papers that are good quality. Expert ? Forum members are well-prepared to comment political events and occurrences. Forum also is to play the role of arena of free comments, statements, the flow of thoughts and discussion on the issues important for the state. Forum is to inspire, to stimulate, to rouse to think. Forum is to give answers on what is essential. Forum means impulse, initiative, common sense and effectiveness.

Catalogue of the main duities and objectives of our association includes the following:

  • to initiate public debates on key issues,
  • to comment current socio-political events,
  • to publish scientific works, articles and papers,
  • to prepare analysis, strategies, documents,
  • to initiate actions, undertakings, happenings in order to defend initiatives, peoples and values which are in line with whose supported by Forum,
  • to initiate, to join and to participate in the projects which are in line with the activity of the Forum,
  • to organise conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings,
  • to lead lectures, debates and discussion panels,
  • to decrase distance in reaching key foreign information through translation of key texts, articles, books,
  • to join to wider initiatives, unions, societies, federations on non-governmental organisations,
  • to cooperate with media, especially on ground of current commentaries,
  • to present opinions,
  • to cooperate with other domestic and foreign think-tanks in, especially on particular projects,
  • to cooperate with domestic and foreign Universities, academical institutions and research posts,
  • to defend natural and legal persons,
  • to continue development of material on our web site.




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