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Wednesday, 24 February 2010 14:58

The Maurycy Mochnacki Forum of Political Studies and Analysis is a multidisciplinary think-tank centre for analysis and research which undertakes important issues from current socio-political point of view and development perspectives. Forum is an association of independent persons - individuals, who took the effort to integrate analitical activity around one organisation. Every one of us is another history, peculiar chapter from the book about generation of active, tolerant and open-minded Poles-patriots engaged in development and modernisation of the state. What links us together is the passion and fondness to science and respect for the culture of human thought, analysis and intellectual reflection.

Every member reconciles the theory of researches and scientific projects with the practice of professional careers. Forum integrates environment of people, that is constisted of lawyers, political scientists, philosophers, economists, computer scientists and the representatives of other domains. We have at are disposal sufficient organisational resources and intellectual abilities to handle hard task of bringing into Polish socio-political life constructive added value. We would like to take advantage of our potential, talent, experience, knowledge and skills for building a better future. Our aim is to participate in wide spectrum of Polish think-tank organisations, successfully competing in this demanding market through hard work for the prestige of our brand, good opinion and respect of others.

Graphical brand of our association - compass card - is a symbol of threefold standards of openness, which is a foundation of our activity. All directions of the world symbolize the sources of inspiration and knowledge that we derive tolerance for the diversity and wide scale of our products recipients.


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