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Monday, 29 March 2010 22:23

Welcome to The Maurycy Mochnacki Forum of Political Studies and Analysis web site!

We are an independent group of people who decided to establish equally independent analitical and reasearch projects. Our objective is to serve the following ideas: free mind, humanitarianism, democracy, tolerance, free market, courage, efficiency, development and modernisation. We devote all our experience, life achievement and engagement. We would like to fulfill a growing demand on professional analysis, strategies, commentaries and the presentations market. We believe, that our potential would be enough to enter into socio-political life arena.

On the web site one could find information about us, our profiles, mission, aim and duities of the organisation. We kindly invite you to read our publications, articles, current thoughts, commentaries and to active participation. You can contact us easily. All your remarks, observations and comments would be a very valuable advice on the path to perfection.

Our patron is Maurycy Mochnacki. This outstanding, timeless and under valued politcal creator plays a significant role for us. He symbolises writing meaningful and accurately about political reality of its time. We not only want to write about political existence but also create it. That is why we are to launch fulfilling tank with our thoughts!


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