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The Polish President supremacy over national military forces PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 15:52

Author: Artur Gomu³ka

Title: The Polish President supremacy over the national military forces


In democratic countries army is under civil control, which means that electoral state institutions have a civil supervision. Development of the army forces is possible only when using constitutional and legal mechanisms. On the basis of provisions the Polish Constitution from 2th of April 1997 the authority, that focuses supremacy and leadership over the Polish Military Forces is President of the Republic of Poland.  President's prerogatives in relation to the army is expressed in respect with other executive bodies. National Security Council and the Bureau of National Security not only provides advices to the President, but also realize cooperation with state institutions and political forces in the process of creating coherent system of national security. Article also gives insight to problems with political neutrality of the army and the compatibility of its structures and functioning according to democratic requirements. Supremacy of President over the armed forces is a symbolic expression of the concentration of military power in the body, which representation power of state.

Key words: armed forces, President of the Republic of Poland, executive power, supremacy, civil control, army, security and national defense

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